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Nirvana Company Ltd was founded in 2000 with a core business in advanced computer technology. Experience in e-commerce soon led it into new fields. It has since expanded to provide educational, employment, personal and trading services. Its advanced websites include:, offering competency tests to help ensure that companies have the right people in the right jobs;, one of Thailand’s most popular personal introduction and professional matchmaking services; and, providing lessons in Mandarin for children.


More recently, Nirvana began marketing Thai spa products internationally, under the brand name Naya. Their success has led to Nirvana opening an office in Nanning, China.

With experience in global trading gained over the past decade by Nirvana and by its sister organization,, Nirvana is now offering trading services to other Thai manufacturers and craftsmen wishing to sell their goods on world markets.

Nirvana’s general manager  Ms Natheethong Thongthai, holds a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Central Missouri. She has used her considerable experience in the Thai media and in Nirvana’s various business units to develop consummate “people skills”. Her first priority is caring for the interests of her many customers; her members and clients have become her life.

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