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Business Overview

Long experience, creative expertise and awards for performance.  Innovative approaches to business, exporting and investment.

We wish to serve.


Are you a business administrator?


Can you keep up with hugely disruptive technologies? Do you understand enough about game-changers like logistics, cloud computing, Big Data, property management and the English language to assess the competencies and performance of your own staff, or evaluate job applicants?


Nirvana's brand ThaiFarmFresh specializes in the export of fresh Thai fruit: young coconuts and mangoes and, if demand exists, durian.


Most people setting out to build a luxury home are completely without knowledge and experience in the many skills, issues and problems involved.
Without the knowledge needed to oversee their home construction, owners are exposed to big risks.


Nirvana's sister company, LenYa Jewelry Co, was created in 2008 out of a passion for jewelry on the part of Nirvana's managing director, Ms Natheethong Thongthai.  LenYa Jewelry has received many official accolades following years of mainly online trading.


We prefer more straightforward terms, in this day and age, than simple ‘business consultancy’.

We offer to help make business deals, find investors, and lead other Thai manufacturers and craftsmen through the complexities of selling their goods on world markets.

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