Trading Services
Do you believe there may be overseas buyers for your company’s products?

Take an easy first step without all the ‘up front’ costs – let Nirvana introduce you to export trading.

Nirvana’s international import/export trading service already serves wholesale dealers in both the United States and China, where we have identified big demand for many Thai products.

We specialize in handcrafts, clothes, jewelry, spa products and OTOP products, and we offer a multi-lingual service with fluency in English, Thai and Chinese.

Our trading service will work in close partnership with your company; paying close attention to your goals and aspirations. Your success and total satisfaction are our first priority.

Education Services
Do you believe that the future for your children may depend on their ability to communicate with, understand, and relate to the needs and opinions of the people of China? If so, you are like many others who see the coming Era of Asia being led by China, whose vast population creates the biggest consumer market in the world – to say nothing of its richness in history, science and the arts.

Give your kids the advantage of a head start, with a working knowledge of Mandarin from

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Employment Services
In this era of high technology, global competition and technical specialization, business managers commonly fall behind in their understanding of professional standards and individual competencies. Do you accept what you are told by departmental heads without recognising how far their staff are falling behind the competition? Should a business administrator be expected to understand enough about – for instance – logistics, cloud computing or property management to measure staff competencies or performance; to assess applicants for high-tech jobs? provides a system of expertly-prepared and unchallengeable on-line tests to help Thai businesses and their human resources staff to ensure that the professionals they employ, and they hire, are the right people, in the right jobs.

Follow the lead of two major Thai banks that use our service.

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Personal Services
NADDATE has long been one of Thailand’s most popular dating websites. Its databank contains about 200,000 members. Of these, about 90,000 are “active”, or receiving regular mail. As well as being a regular and trusted dating agency, Naddate offers a “professional matching” service. We use unique intelligent matching and screening software to match members with potential partners, taking the introduction business into the IT era. We believe that about 80% of our matches are successful. As well, our membership is “educated” – most of our members are graduates, and most of them are employed.

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Naya Natural Aromatherapy Spa products are made in Thailand and appreciated in many countries of the world. They cater to one of the biggest international trends: a return to reliance on the products of nature. With the fragrances of jasmine, lavender, frangipani, ginseng, mangosteen, lemongrass, roses and orchids, Naya spa soaps, shower gels and massage oils offer a relaxing touch of tropical luxury in distant corners of the world.

In many respects, the success of Naya Natural Aromatherapy products reflects the readiness of foreign consumers to favor goods made in Thailand: they project a mood of gentility and charm recalled from their time in the Kingdom, complete with intoxicating aromas that carry their dreams far away.